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  • Double-sided pattern
  • Reusable and waterproof
  • Easy to apply and takedown
  • Designed not to leave marks, NO GLUE NEEDED.
  • Material: PVC
  • Each piece size: 20cm x 30cm 

Opition 1:Double Reindeer stickers

2x reindeer: 14.7*21cm

1x snowflake: 4.3*5cm

1x snowflake:3.5*4cm

1x snowflake:2.6*3cm

1x snowflake:3.4*4cm

6 Stars: 2.6*3cm

4 Stars:2.5*2cm

2 Stars:1.4*1.4cm

6 Stars:1.5*1.3cm

5 Stars: 1.1*1.2cm

1 Star:2.4*3cm


Option 2: Reindeer Head Stickers

1 Reindeer head: 14.7*21cm

Merry Christmas: 24*4cm

2 Snowflakes: 5*5.6cm

1 Snowflake: 4*4.6cm

1 Snowflake: 3.3*3.8cm

4 Snowflake: 2.5*3cm

1 Star: 2.3*2.6cm

7 Stars:2cm

4 stars:1.6*1.6cm

10 Stars:1.1*1.3cm


 SKU: Double Reindeer Sticker /Reindeer head sticker

Reindeer PVC reusable Christmas Window Stickers-la

SKU: Reindeer window sticker
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